Thursday, November 10, 2011

Holiday findings....

So christmas is around the corner and with my big family I have to do what ever possibel to get gifts and nice stuff for them  so even though I haven't been posting lately.... I will be beacause mama needs to WIN, WIN, WIN !!!

So movies are a big hit always with the kids and sisters so I found some very nice giveaways over at  The Mommy Files.

She has a few movies to giveaway:

Crazy Stupid Love ends 11/13/2011

Johnny English end 11/13/2011: this prize includes a $25.  fandango to go see the new Johnny English movie.

Then the last movie I saw just today is ... drum roll please.
Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows, Part 2″ DVD

As always wish me luck ... so I get some cool treats for the kiddos... because my life truely revolves around them.

Wednesday, July 6, 2011

Shabby Apple ...Giveway

I have found yet another Shabby Apple dress giveaway.
Over at Bibbidi Bobbidi Beautiful she has a  Shabby Apple dress giveaway!

for the dress shown...its it gorgeous but you only have until today at midnight to enter so go go go!!!!

Wednesday, June 8, 2011

Resos De Mi Madre / Prayers From My Mother.

I come from a very religious, Catholic to be exact,  family with great faith in God and Jesus and of course the Virgin de Guadalupe.  So when the world gets tough my parents pray and let me tell you they pary alot.

My dad prays this pray which I do not know the name of, Its long and its like a mini book... My abue gave it to him.  He prays it everyday and keeps it in his pocket.   My mom is a devoted persona as well, she prays many prays and many she has memorized.

So when life gets tough ... .

My mom gives me estampillas and little prayer books to pray and God/Jesus should help me in my time of need.   So my husband as been unemployed for quite some time and had finally found a job, but then got laid off on Friday.   So what does my mom do she gives me two prayers to pray.

La Magnifica
La Oracion A San Miguel

Now feeling in despair, I too am becoming a prayer not because i feel desperate but because I have truely seen the power of prayer and what it can accomplish through my parents devotion. I will be posting each prayer to share with all.  So I hope all can find a little bit of sunshine at the end of the tunnel.


Tuesday, June 7, 2011

To be 19 again

So my birthday is in a little bit more then a month away to be exact it will be July 9.  I will officially be 29 years old.   I am having a bit of an emotional crisis here. It's my last year of being in my 20's.  I feel so overwhelmed by that fact. Really its my last year of being in what to most is suppose to be your fun and fancy free time. I almost feel like I haven't lived life. I had my first son when I was 19, second son when I was 21 and the twins I was just turning 23.  So I grew up fast and really have not experience the whole party scene and doing alot of the things that I typically had envisioned myself doing.

I did not want to be one of those young mom's that leave thier children in the care of thier parents and go out and party.  I have taken my role of mom seriously like I should have.   But I still feel like I missed out on something and have been trying to fill that void.

I had this list time line of where I wanted to be by my 30th bday.  In my plans I should have been just getting married and in my dream I should have had kids at 35.  Lets just say the train got derailed by my own doing.

So what now...I was thinking of for just one year being selfish and having some fun... but ultimately I would feel guilty for doing it since I do see myself as a mom. But just for this ONE Birthday I am going to party it out.   It has taken months of planning just to get this one day to myself. Babysitters are lined up as I had to split the kids.  But at least I want to have one partying story to tell the grandkids...

So wish me luck on my journey of reflecting as to  what I want this last year of being in my 20's to be.

Thursday, May 26, 2011

Obssessed with Shabby Apple Giveaways

I will eventually win one.... Right?

Well I found another you guessed.. Shabby Apple Giveaway  it giveaway it over at A beautiful Journey blog.  She is giving away the beautiful azure coast dress.  

Click here to go to the Great giveaway!

Friday, May 13, 2011

Shabby apple giveaway Alert

I have done it again.....

I found another Shabby apple giveaway I am truely determined to win something from Shabby Apple.   Even though thier clothes is awesome its a bit over my budget.

Hey I have 4 kids and a husband that does not have a permenant job yet.

So at My Loony Verse she has a giveaway for a fabulous Shappy Apple dress.

The giveaway end 5/5/11 so I would definately go check it out.

Monday, April 4, 2011

Giveaway- find- Shappy Apple

I Heart <3   Shabby Apple.   Its a chic online store with some of the most GORGEOUS dresses I have seen.

Some of the greatest features the website has is that you can shop by body shape.  I personally am an Apple. I had to answer a few questions and then it let me know which body type shape I was; it then it lists a good amount of styles that would be perfect for your body type. How wonderful is that.  

Of course the cloths are a bit pricey for my modest budget but the great part is that at Latina on a Mission she has a great giveaway for a faboulous dress from Shabby Apple.
The dress that is up for the winning is:

Wish me luck and maybe light a candle for me. 

Friday, March 18, 2011

Sping is here... but maybe not to stay!

Well I am so glad we finally get some nice weather her in the chicagoland area...
Yesterday was sunny and 65... Today 55.

But unfortunately it wont last ... next couple of days will be raining and then next Thursday it will drop down to thirties.

You know what they say: In with the Lion out with the Lamb.
I personally like to think of it as the storm before the calm.

But at least I have been able to run for the last couple of days.  although since the winter I am so off where I need to be. I was barely able to do 1/2 a mile completely running. I need to build me stamina again.

Well wish me luck ... I want to do 2 5k before the end of the summer so we shall see.

Lets  Us All WELCOME Spring!

Friday, February 4, 2011

Mental Health and Latinos

Not sure If I have mentioned before and why I even started looking at bloggs in the first place. (this is going to be an extra long post)

March of 2010: Guerro my middle son was kicked out of Catholic School. After many pleadings from us to the Head Nun...there was not much else she could do.  She had tried everything, but his violent outburst in class and disobidiency still kept on occuring. Due to being a Catholic School she did not have the resources or the man power to deal with him.  The last episode was so horrible he called her very bad names that a child his age (6) should not even be saying. and he kicked her and threw a chair in his classroom. Just because they told him to line up.

We kept him home for the remainder of the school year instead of transferring him to the public school system.

After this incident, I made an urgent appointment with his pediatric physician that specifically only sees kids with ADD/ADHD.  I had gotten him diagnosed early in the school year because his regualr ped. could not get him evaluated until he started school. And so our journey began in August 2009.

Although as a mother I always knew something was different about him... He just wasn't normal compared to other kids his age.

Clue # 1- He was constantly on the go from the time he woke up until the sun went down
( I was pregnant with twins when he was 9months old to 18 months and I only gained 20 Lbs. since I was constatly chassing him)
Clue#2- What 2 yearold drives a Car- Literally drove our Car... Thank God we were on a dead end street when this happened. ( I shall have to blog about this someday)
Clue#3 - Now he is almost 3- and he chopped the tip of his pinky off. I remeber going to the emergency room paniced that they would call the department of child and family..because honestly how does a child cut his finger off.
There were other incidents as well...but a story for another day,.

And there were many other inceidents...I could go on and on.

Well I kind of always joked that he was my ADD child and it turned out he was he was horrible the first few weeks of school, although I had made an appt. witht he special ped. since his physical but of course there was  a 3 MONTH wait list. So they nun did nto allow him to go to school until he was diagnosed officially and put on meds.   So I call the doctor's office franitcly telling them he would not be allowed to go to school until he saw the specialist, so two days later we get a call to come in around 11: am. And we got to see Doctor Blair (an angel).  He prescribed Concerta and off we went. and then we had to finish the eval on our regualr appt date. But he went back to school and was doing fairly well. But then our lovely insurance decided that they would not pay for the Concerta and we had to put him on straight ritalin.  That my ladies was a disatrer.   That is when the tantrums yelling screaming throwing stuff name calling started.   I told the social worker what was going on and she didnt pay attention she kept on saying well when he is back on the concerta he should get better.   Well he finally turned 6 and we were back on concerta and nothing really changed. He was still haveing the tantrums. I raised the quesetion again. and she still didnt pay attention to my concerns. So when he finally got kicked out and was able to talk to Doctor Blair again. I expressed my concerns and it helped that the hubby went with me, cause to be honest I tend to sugar coat things. He is very straight to the point. So our special ped. was very concerned especially with this last incident and moved over to the psych department. Yes the Psych Deptartment. As we talked to Doctor Blair he made us answer more questions.And we answered yes to many questions that put our son in realm of
Early Onset Ppediatric Bipolar.

So now what, we got a referral to see a pediatric Psychologist. Did the background on this lady to see what exeperience she had and so far she has turned out ok.  

I have learned that a mother's intinct never lies when you sense something is not right.

As to how latinos play a part in this ordeal is that most do not believe that children can have metal illness of any sorts and that medication should not be given to children.   "los quieres traer todos drogados"  You want to have them all drugged up. No if you had the option of having a child without temper tantrums or hitting his sisters for no reason and I mean hitting them, and the medecine helped wouldnt you give it to him. 

My Mexican Parents  have finally excepted this after almost two years of seeing me struggle with my son but I wish there was more awareness of these diseases in the hispanic community.


Thursday, January 27, 2011


For my five followers which i greatly appreciate, as you guys are bloggers as well. I have no idea how some can blog on a daily basis.  I am working very hard on getting to that point. and coming up with a schedule of sorts as to what I want this Blog to be. 

I am always on the search for self accomplishment and this is one of those things as was my training for my 5k.  I will continue that training as soon as it is nice outside again. (will the snow/winter go away).   I just need to move to a warmer place.

I must say I have been workign very hard a blog post, about my life that I really wanted to share. But its taken me 2 days and I am still not done, but I will be done...soon.

So happly blogging to all.

Friday, January 14, 2011

Popcorn Anyone!!!

Yesterday As I was going through my souly dedicated email account to Blog mail... I clicked on my daily email from Thought of a Mommy and right nowshe has a great giveaway for 4 popcorn bowls and Popcorn from World Market....(one of my favorite stores).

I hope I win!  Cause those bowls look adorable.

So go and check her giveaway out.

Click Here

Wednesday, January 12, 2011

I over extend myself....

How do you learn to say NO!

I have a list a mile long of things I have somehow said I would do:

1. fill out Jose's online applications to 2 places.
2. Make cousin's quince invitations. (she needs 300, can we say mini wedding WTF)
3. Call the rec center for Mother in law , cause her daughter called me to see if I could call and ask a question about membership ( now neither one of these ladies have language barriers, so why they call me I don't know, maybe I am more knowledgeable in this area)
4. Go to Johnos and find out when baseball sign up starts ( like I really have the time to go)

All these things seem minoot, but in the grand scheme of things I work a full time job with odd hoursso I can take the kids to school (8:30-5pm) which means by the time I get out of work everything is closed.  and I am a Mom and wife.

Mole Doña what

I  can count the times that we had special occasions that always included one of Mexico's traditional foods  'MOLE'.  No its not a mole...furry and cute....It's a delicate sauce that is mouth watering.

when we think of Mole we think of those special occasions... My sister Maria's Quince(catilian), My mom made a huge pot of this sauce and it was poored over chicken.  You must experience it to know the delicacy it brings to your mouth.  My son's 1st birthday.  My parent's 25th anniversary. the occasions are countless.

I personally make it a few times a month in a small batch but I cheat I use the best mole secert ever:

I pesonally add a few extra ingridients to thier directions... which included a few teaspons of brown Sugar and about 4 REESE'S Peanut Butter Cups .

The result is my kids devouring this dish and they always refer to it as the chocolate sauce. 
" You made the choclate sauce, my favorite! mom"

Traditionally in mexico there is along process to make this sauce and most likely thier is usually some sort of celebration to follow, a wedding, a family get together, a birthday. 

 For me making this it brings back the memories of childhood, and my kids they know I make it with love.  My own twist to a tradition. Cause everyday with them is a special one.  We count our blessings at the end of the day a good or bad one we are one big family.

But the biggest question of all is what to do with the glass cups when you use all the paste.  I have been searching for ideas other then using for drinking I do. But what else could you do with these glass cups any suggestions?

Monday, January 10, 2011

New Hire....

So they have officially hired a new receptionist/ invoicing helper...

she is older then what I expected...and she doesn't take notes so to me that means she may not be as receptive.

Oddly they didnt ask me to train her, they asked the girl that is going to a different position to train her.
Now my issues have been with the way the current girl does her work and how she has not learned everything and half asses things so why n earth would you have her train the new girl.

God only knows.... so please stay tuned for my desperate ranting of this situation.

Although I have learned from previous times that I am not to become friends with these new people or I will not be taken yes I have learned and grown from my past mistakes.

Wednesday, January 5, 2011

Who Controls You

I wrote this a few weeks back but forgot to post but this is just how I was feeling at the moment...Things are much better now......

What to do when you feel you are being pushed in so many directions....when you feel you don't want to give up on something that you yearn.

What to do when your love ones say hurtful words that may be true to an extent but yet they have not lived through any of this.

What to do when you love someone and all you want them to do is admit thier wrong doing and prove to you what you already know about them; that they can be a great person.

But everyone wants you to leave everything you have worked hard for and call it quits but how do you come to terms with that. 

Also then they throw the dad card around... are you kidding me.

for once in my life stop expecting everything from me.   I was that perfect girl growing up and even then what did that get me.

Tuesday, January 4, 2011

Movies, Movies and More Movies

I love to watch movies, Redbox you should have a reward program cause I would be a priemier member!

Well besides renting movies i defineately like to own movies and wining movies is even better. 
Why you may ask????

Cause they dont burn wholes in my pockets...let's be honest who realy likes to pay $15-$30 for a new movie.   Well I sure don't and with  my brood you better believe I try to get as much free stuff as I possibly can.

So my great movie giveaway finds are the following:

1. Two of a kind working on a full house has a great movie pack giveaway... from the movies featured on Family Movie Nights brought to you by Walmart And P&G which have aired on different networks within the last few months. The prize pack  includes  the past THREE movies"Secrets of The Mountain", "Jenson Project" and "A Walk in My Shoes".

2. The Mommy Files has a great giveaway for a fun family movie "Opposite Day"...who wouldn't want to trade places. but having the kids run the world now that is somethign we all want to see or as kids we really imagined.  So this movie is a must win.... I mean see.

3. Over at Honest & Truly Reviews....  she has a great giveaway Avatar (Blu-Ray) awesome is that I must say that i truely enjoyed this movie and now we can win it.

4.  At Almost Crazy Coupon Lady she has a great giveaway for the movie
Going The Distance , its a  Romantic Comedy DVD+BluRay.

So I have truely found a movie for everyone in my family....lets cross our fingers and light a candle to the saints. And hope I win.

Monday, January 3, 2011

The things kids do...or say...

God I love my child A, the ultimate Star War Fan...., with the economy as I have mentioned our lives really changed.  We had to pull our kids out of the Private School , St Peters, that we so dearly loved, there were 100 students in the whole school...great community everyone was like family.

A was definitely effected by this and we told him that as long as his dad found a job we would send him back to the private school next year; meaning next school year.   We the smart and anxious kid that he is, he figured it was going to be next year after xmas break.  So what does my poor baby do.... he packs his desk before leaving for xmas break in December.  When I was organizing the closet I noticed his backpack was a bit too heavy so I inspected and to my surprise all his stuff was in his backpack. I asked, " Did you get homework for xmas break."  He replied without hesitation, "NO!"  I say, "So why is your backpack full of stuff."  He replies; " Remember I am going back to St Peters next year, January 1."

My poor baby i had to break it him that its not til next school year.

I guess sometimes we don't realize how much things truly affect our children and when we promise something we need to stick to our promises.