Thursday, June 13, 2013

Sung 14

This is a VICTORY.

A few weeks ago I tried on the same shorts and i could not get them past my hips.  
Today i was able to fit in them a little snug but comfortable.   Its those little things that keep me going.

Even though I have not seen the scale move past 200.  I really want to reach my first goal of 199... to be under 200.

But I will take this win!

My plan is to try and go twice a day to the gym in the am and the pm. Or at least make it once a day for 45 min.   I missed a few days lately.   Lots of stress in life.

Also my water intake has not been the greatest need to get back on track of my water.   A GALLON a day.


Thursday, June 6, 2013

Getting moving....

So this morning was not my best morning... I got up like any other morning...

Alarm goes off at 4:15am.... but i finally really wake up at 5ish.

I just could not get out the door.   When I finally did it was really late. 6:30 am.

I only worked out for 45 min.  and it was mostly lifting.  :(  No real cardio today.

Stress level in my life is at a 20 on a scale from 1-10..which is making me quite BLUE.

So I feel like i didnt do enough... on the bright side at least I made it in. 

But I feel GUILTY for not working out hard.   and I had a McFlurry last night.  more GUILTY feeling coming over.

Goal is to go for a Run after work

Tuesday, June 4, 2013

On a Journey.. To be a Better Me

I am on a journey to lose weight... to get fitter... to love myself again.

A month ago I started back at working to be ME again.  MY old me that I loved being... fit with energy.  Feeling pretty and comfortable in my own skin.

For accountablity purposes i wanted am  posting my before pics.

On May 4, 2013, I started and weighed in at 208.  One month after June 4, 2013 and I am at 200.


These pictures are hard to look at but most definately  remind me to keep going.

Many years ago .... I went through this journey and went from 180lbs to 140lbs... and i did it by pure excercise and eating healthier.   So here we are 12 years later in the same predicament except I am at 200+ and would love to loose 60 lbs. to get to 148.  

It CAN be done and it Will be DONE!