Friday, December 17, 2010

Possible Goals for Next Year


  • Do 2 5ks
  • Go to the Dentist- (haven't gone cause I dont want to get scolded; fear of the unknown its called; my whole family ie: sisters suffer from this; blame it on overly protective parents)
  • Save for house down payment.
  •  Gett on ADD meds; should help with alot of my disorganization and not being able to concentrate (hence I should really be workign right now)
  • Rediscover myself ;basicly make time for myself.
  • Organize my house!!!!
I think that is a good list to start off with. If so I will add on as time goes and we will look back and chuckle; lets see how many I can keep or achieve, Achievement is so hard for me these days.  Plays with my mind when I dont achieve my metas.

Tuesday, December 14, 2010


How do you say sorry for all the things you have done to someone that you love greatly. Especially since what you have done will probably affect thier life greatly....

Perdon !!!

I wish I could take it back and make things better but I was not being selfish I was being cautious.

I am Screaming now!!!!!!

Friday, December 10, 2010

Great Movie Giveaway

I have many blogs that I follow and I always enter all these giveaways... I have won many things in the past few months... one of my favorite has been this electric griddle I won at a  A Mom's Balancing Act ... she has some really awesome giveaways right now.   Now especially with the holidays I have been entering giveaways left and right.  Hoping, praying, lighting candles at church..such the see if the saints will be on my side and I will win a few extra things for the kiddos and possibly myself...always buy the kids things and me and grump never give each other presents.

Well I was looking at a few stocking stuffer options and I came a across a few movies that I am going to enter to see if I can win and hopefully get by xmas.

The Mommy Files has a few dvds I would really like to win like "Mother and Child" , and
“VeggieTales: It’s a Meaningful Life”.  that will truely bring in some holiday spirit and help with the pocket book.   She always has great movie reviews and giveaways. So check her site.