Friday, December 17, 2010

Possible Goals for Next Year


  • Do 2 5ks
  • Go to the Dentist- (haven't gone cause I dont want to get scolded; fear of the unknown its called; my whole family ie: sisters suffer from this; blame it on overly protective parents)
  • Save for house down payment.
  •  Gett on ADD meds; should help with alot of my disorganization and not being able to concentrate (hence I should really be workign right now)
  • Rediscover myself ;basicly make time for myself.
  • Organize my house!!!!
I think that is a good list to start off with. If so I will add on as time goes and we will look back and chuckle; lets see how many I can keep or achieve, Achievement is so hard for me these days.  Plays with my mind when I dont achieve my metas.

Tuesday, December 14, 2010


How do you say sorry for all the things you have done to someone that you love greatly. Especially since what you have done will probably affect thier life greatly....

Perdon !!!

I wish I could take it back and make things better but I was not being selfish I was being cautious.

I am Screaming now!!!!!!

Friday, December 10, 2010

Great Movie Giveaway

I have many blogs that I follow and I always enter all these giveaways... I have won many things in the past few months... one of my favorite has been this electric griddle I won at a  A Mom's Balancing Act ... she has some really awesome giveaways right now.   Now especially with the holidays I have been entering giveaways left and right.  Hoping, praying, lighting candles at church..such the see if the saints will be on my side and I will win a few extra things for the kiddos and possibly myself...always buy the kids things and me and grump never give each other presents.

Well I was looking at a few stocking stuffer options and I came a across a few movies that I am going to enter to see if I can win and hopefully get by xmas.

The Mommy Files has a few dvds I would really like to win like "Mother and Child" , and
“VeggieTales: It’s a Meaningful Life”.  that will truely bring in some holiday spirit and help with the pocket book.   She always has great movie reviews and giveaways. So check her site.

Friday, October 22, 2010

Found the best giveaway, TODAY

On my search for my usual giveaways I found a great giveaway at The Bragging Mommy.  As I have written before being latina but having children that do not speak spanish can be a challenge.  I receive all sorts of hell from my father and other imigrant family friends that can not believe my kids don't speak spanish.  And dealing with Latin America Sales I know the imortance of knowing a second language first hand.  It makes you so much more valueable to a company.  So she is giveing a way a set of Kids Love Spanish 7-DVD Box Set.  How Awesome is that.  I truely believe that if kids see and hear a different language they will learn it. For some awesome resources on how to teach your kids a different language you should visit Kids Love Spanish.

Hope I win.  Will update if I do!

Wednesday, October 20, 2010

I Heart Being A Latina

I must say I love being a Latina….I love that I can blend flavors to enrich a meal with flavor (sabor). I love that I can speak a second language fluently and of course write and read it. I can pick up a book by a chicano writer and relate to their writing (Robert Rodriguez). I can talk openly about growing up as a first generation Mexican-American with pride that I know know the bond of a family and how a family dynamic works.

Family to Latinos is so important. Even though most Latino parents don’t say the words LOVE they show it in their own ways. They might show you how to ride a bike or take the time to build you a paper kite, that may not even really fly. Having a small get together just doesn’t really happen itS always grand and over the top. Let me mention my son’s birthdays or their baptisms we would have about a hundred people at these events. Talk about hectic, but we loved it.

I love being latina and being able to enjoy traditions that others do not experience especially during the holidays..can we say tamales and buñelos and during Quaresma los nopales en salsa roja, y tortas de camaron that I have finally mastered after about ten years of cooking them.

I can only hope that my children will love it as much as I do

Thursday, October 14, 2010

WORK: Love and Hate

What happens when your work really starts becoming repetitive and boring.


I used to really enjoy my job but since that whole thing that happened a few months back please read below very first blog. I truly don’t have the energy to make changes or make a differenece in a place where I feel I am not valued for who I am.

So I need to go back to school and finish my Bachelors Degree.

I have a bit of ADD so my brain without excitement begins to lose its glow. To put it in a visual perspective.

On the note of school: my son (#1 Star War’s fan) asked me when was I going to finish school… I do talk about going back to school all the time. And even though my kids are young I always instill in them how a better future one has when they finish college. Well I didn’t know how to answer him….Cause honestly I myself have no idea. I really want to but feel intimidated to go back and with four kids how am I going to manage. Although I do currently have my assoiciates, I would technically only need 2 more years as a full time student. But then I was studing to be a teacher and since being in the working world , I would like to go into international business. I know big change, but then I still get to use my Spanish. I honestly think if I had not had kids I still would want to be a teacher, but my kids are so close in age that they really have not given my any breathing time.

So to ponder and figure this one out!!!!

Friday, October 8, 2010

Hispanic/Mexican- What are YOU?

The great debate with my husband has been that I am not Mexican enough.

Well what exactly is being Mexican?

Lets start off by saying I am was not born in Mexico. So Technically…if we wish to get technical…I am American. I am a first generation American. I can proudly say that my parents came to this country illegally to better themselves, from Mexico. A poverty sticken country with lots of corruption.

I am not a ghetto Mexican-American but a much more modernized one with great values and traditions that were instilled in her.

More or else I am not a California chicana, as what I think he, my husband, is referring to.

I don’t like to cook, what a Mexican that doesn’t like to cook!@$  Don’t get me wrong I do Love to cook but Mexican (authentic Cusine) takes so much time to cook and prep. and with 4 kids and a husband and a full tiem job who has time???

I can read and write in Spanish better than most people in my family and friends and ummm my husband. So what is being Mexican?

I am in tune with my culture;

I love tamales and thanks to my mother –in – law, who by the way is American born tejana, has showed me how to make them.

I love Mexican Music – old school – Los caminantes, Banda Machos, Antonio Aguilar, Pedro Infante….not the American made Mexican music, Durangense – what is that?

I like the Ranch and the animals

I love Beans (yes Beans... so versatile and tasty)

I love the Virgin Mary of Guadalupe

So once again what is being Mexican!!!

Monday, October 4, 2010

Raising Bilingual Kids

The dilemas of raising children when you are 1st generation Hispanic.

How to Teach them Spanish?

I know Spanish fluently, can write and read it.... But why then is it so hard to teach my children.

Twin B, has truely picked up on it with no problem, But the other three don't really try. 
My father gives me such grief, not only me but my sisters as well.   What am I to do.

Tuesday, April 27, 2010


Why is that most people do not sign up to win free books.  I love books.  Books keeps the brain working and astute.
There are researches that have been done that show that reading books especially in old age keeps your memory in tip top shape. 

So here is a link to see if you can win this book. Eat What You Love, Love what you eat, by Michelle May

I love books.

I highly recommend the book exchange site Paper Book Swap, You earn credits for trading books with other members or you can buy credits to get books from other members. I would ask you check it out.

Monday, April 5, 2010

The friendly Gas Station Man...

So I have made an awesome freind at my gasoline station up the street.  He allows me on Monday mornings to come and pick out the coupons from Sunday's paper. Saves me a few dollars each week plus all the coupons I get. I grabbed 5 inserts this week!!! last week 3 which I got to use the dannon activia coupns and grabbed the 4 packs for a $1.00 each. how awesome!!!

Tuesday, March 2, 2010

Cutting Back..

So I decided to really geet started on the coupon deal thing that many have been doing for years. my escapade to CVS. I truely would have only spent $4.00... if I didnt have the twins with me. ***Mental Note*** Do not bring kids when you want to go shopping or deal hunting.

Well I had to get Rafael prescription filled. CVS had a coupon to take in a new prescription and they give you a $25.00 gift card. Normally my copay is $50.00 (concerta 54mg tier 3. But my doctor, Dr Blair, best ever ADHD doc, gave me a coupon for $25.00 that I can use 4 times for the copay making my new Balance $25.00, so essentially I paid nothing for the precription.

Well with my $25.00 gift card - I bought my tide that was $10.99 and $2.00 extra care bucks, I also got deordorant $2.99 received $2.00 extra care bucks, got 4 snickers b/c they were 2/$.99. and I had 2 coupons for buy 2/$.55 off. Also some soups that were marked down to $1.50 and I had a coupon which made them each $1.25. Also a box of Chex ceral, for $.88, they were $1.88, had a $1.00 off coupon. I truely beleve in the whole coupon thing now.

a couple of Websites I have truely enjoyed

Coupon Geek

There a few others which I am following.

Especially since we dont know what will happen with Jose's unemployment we just keep getting tighter and tighter.

Getting better

Work is work and can not make it pesonal, So taking my mothers advise and keeping to myself...

So no talking about personal life to Co-workers...Cause that is all they are is Co-workers. Not saying all of them are back stabbers and only looking out for themselves but its best to keep your distance.

I must say though that I have had a few great friends from past J.O.B.S, my friend Beth- great times with her. and My great long distance friend Patrina, which i have truely never met in person, she worked at the CA office and I worked at the IL office. And of course my old boss Rosie from when I worked as a student worker at the Waubonsee. To this day she is still one of my greatest inspirations.

Its not like I have time for friends 4 kids, husband and living quarters, but they few I do I have I cherish and appreciate becasue even if I haven't talked to them in a while, I can always call them and its like time never passed.

Thursday, February 18, 2010


I have decided to actually do the whole blogging thing how many people will read this i truely Don't know. but here we go....

My Day today has been a total disaster...Yesterday I left early from work to go to a teacher conference. Well in my absence the front office had a meeting and announced that my old boss would not be my boss anymore but a different lady would... no problem there...right.

Here is the big one... that someone else (not me) would be the assistant manager to the front office...WHAT!!!!

Since day one back in 04' I have striving to get that postion of office manager. Lately I have felt so out place here it is unbeleiveable. I used to enjoy my job but after this and another incident a few weeks ago... I am so disappointed.

So the question is now Do I continue to work as hard as I used to... or just not care anymore and slack like the rest of the people.

I am pondering that question? and asking my self why i was not choosen... I know I dont always get to work on time and of course I have children which I have to leave at times in times of crisis.

So leads me to another question you strive to have a career and be the best yet you put yourself on a balance because you choose to have children? So should I be a stay at home mom and skip the career since that isn;t quite going where I want it to?

So what know what is my goal at this company now? What do I strive for now? I cant reach that mountain top anymore.