Thursday, October 14, 2010

WORK: Love and Hate

What happens when your work really starts becoming repetitive and boring.


I used to really enjoy my job but since that whole thing that happened a few months back please read below very first blog. I truly don’t have the energy to make changes or make a differenece in a place where I feel I am not valued for who I am.

So I need to go back to school and finish my Bachelors Degree.

I have a bit of ADD so my brain without excitement begins to lose its glow. To put it in a visual perspective.

On the note of school: my son (#1 Star War’s fan) asked me when was I going to finish school… I do talk about going back to school all the time. And even though my kids are young I always instill in them how a better future one has when they finish college. Well I didn’t know how to answer him….Cause honestly I myself have no idea. I really want to but feel intimidated to go back and with four kids how am I going to manage. Although I do currently have my assoiciates, I would technically only need 2 more years as a full time student. But then I was studing to be a teacher and since being in the working world , I would like to go into international business. I know big change, but then I still get to use my Spanish. I honestly think if I had not had kids I still would want to be a teacher, but my kids are so close in age that they really have not given my any breathing time.

So to ponder and figure this one out!!!!

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  1. Hi, enjoyed your blog. If you are still unhappy with your job my organization is looking for some sharp people. My wife is a latina and works with a lot of spanish speaking families so if you are bilingual that helps! Let me know if you are interested. Our office is in Naperville.