Wednesday, June 8, 2011

Resos De Mi Madre / Prayers From My Mother.

I come from a very religious, Catholic to be exact,  family with great faith in God and Jesus and of course the Virgin de Guadalupe.  So when the world gets tough my parents pray and let me tell you they pary alot.

My dad prays this pray which I do not know the name of, Its long and its like a mini book... My abue gave it to him.  He prays it everyday and keeps it in his pocket.   My mom is a devoted persona as well, she prays many prays and many she has memorized.

So when life gets tough ... .

My mom gives me estampillas and little prayer books to pray and God/Jesus should help me in my time of need.   So my husband as been unemployed for quite some time and had finally found a job, but then got laid off on Friday.   So what does my mom do she gives me two prayers to pray.

La Magnifica
La Oracion A San Miguel

Now feeling in despair, I too am becoming a prayer not because i feel desperate but because I have truely seen the power of prayer and what it can accomplish through my parents devotion. I will be posting each prayer to share with all.  So I hope all can find a little bit of sunshine at the end of the tunnel.


Tuesday, June 7, 2011

To be 19 again

So my birthday is in a little bit more then a month away to be exact it will be July 9.  I will officially be 29 years old.   I am having a bit of an emotional crisis here. It's my last year of being in my 20's.  I feel so overwhelmed by that fact. Really its my last year of being in what to most is suppose to be your fun and fancy free time. I almost feel like I haven't lived life. I had my first son when I was 19, second son when I was 21 and the twins I was just turning 23.  So I grew up fast and really have not experience the whole party scene and doing alot of the things that I typically had envisioned myself doing.

I did not want to be one of those young mom's that leave thier children in the care of thier parents and go out and party.  I have taken my role of mom seriously like I should have.   But I still feel like I missed out on something and have been trying to fill that void.

I had this list time line of where I wanted to be by my 30th bday.  In my plans I should have been just getting married and in my dream I should have had kids at 35.  Lets just say the train got derailed by my own doing.

So what now...I was thinking of for just one year being selfish and having some fun... but ultimately I would feel guilty for doing it since I do see myself as a mom. But just for this ONE Birthday I am going to party it out.   It has taken months of planning just to get this one day to myself. Babysitters are lined up as I had to split the kids.  But at least I want to have one partying story to tell the grandkids...

So wish me luck on my journey of reflecting as to  what I want this last year of being in my 20's to be.