Friday, March 18, 2011

Sping is here... but maybe not to stay!

Well I am so glad we finally get some nice weather her in the chicagoland area...
Yesterday was sunny and 65... Today 55.

But unfortunately it wont last ... next couple of days will be raining and then next Thursday it will drop down to thirties.

You know what they say: In with the Lion out with the Lamb.
I personally like to think of it as the storm before the calm.

But at least I have been able to run for the last couple of days.  although since the winter I am so off where I need to be. I was barely able to do 1/2 a mile completely running. I need to build me stamina again.

Well wish me luck ... I want to do 2 5k before the end of the summer so we shall see.

Lets  Us All WELCOME Spring!