Tuesday, November 27, 2012

Entering giveaways

I as usual during xmas time am busy entering giveaways.  Hey anything to help my pocket book these days especially since I am doing this solo this year.

Over at 3princes and a princess she a great giveaway for a kids foot locker giveaway. 

My oldest has new shoes on his xmas want list and this would come in handy.  Wish me luck as usual.

Sunday, November 18, 2012

New app

So today I installed the blogger app on my phone.  So I should be able to blog more often then before.

Here is an updated picture of myself. Since I hadn't uploaded one in forever.

I still have 4 kids, still work at the same place. But I am in a way a new person.  I see things in a better light. I know I cannot livee miserabely forever.  So the great change of 2013 is well on its way.  I turned 30 this year and started worring a bit more about myself and looking and purging things in my life that I no longer need and keeping those things I do.

I have learned I am an independent woman that who legally am married but in reality is a single parent and single emotionally.  1st big change that I proably should have dealt with a long time a go.  So the divorce process will be on its way.  Looking for lawyers is not an easy thing making things easy for my kids will in reality not be easy.

But I am in a better place spirtually.  Which is great because without god we are nobody!

tis the season for giveaways

From many. of mypost in the past ... all should know that I love shabby apple.  And once again have found a great giveaway for a ....drum roll please... $75 dollar giveaway to Shabby Apple.  Over at The hollierouge. So check her out she has some pretty cool tutorials.