Tuesday, March 2, 2010

Cutting Back..

So I decided to really geet started on the coupon deal thing that many have been doing for years. my escapade to CVS. I truely would have only spent $4.00... if I didnt have the twins with me. ***Mental Note*** Do not bring kids when you want to go shopping or deal hunting.

Well I had to get Rafael prescription filled. CVS had a coupon to take in a new prescription and they give you a $25.00 gift card. Normally my copay is $50.00 (concerta 54mg tier 3. But my doctor, Dr Blair, best ever ADHD doc, gave me a coupon for $25.00 that I can use 4 times for the copay making my new Balance $25.00, so essentially I paid nothing for the precription.

Well with my $25.00 gift card - I bought my tide that was $10.99 and $2.00 extra care bucks, I also got deordorant $2.99 received $2.00 extra care bucks, got 4 snickers b/c they were 2/$.99. and I had 2 coupons for buy 2/$.55 off. Also some soups that were marked down to $1.50 and I had a coupon which made them each $1.25. Also a box of Chex ceral, for $.88, they were $1.88, had a $1.00 off coupon. I truely beleve in the whole coupon thing now.

a couple of Websites I have truely enjoyed

Coupon Geek

There a few others which I am following.

Especially since we dont know what will happen with Jose's unemployment we just keep getting tighter and tighter.

Getting better

Work is work and can not make it pesonal, So taking my mothers advise and keeping to myself...

So no talking about personal life to Co-workers...Cause that is all they are is Co-workers. Not saying all of them are back stabbers and only looking out for themselves but its best to keep your distance.

I must say though that I have had a few great friends from past J.O.B.S, my friend Beth- great times with her. and My great long distance friend Patrina, which i have truely never met in person, she worked at the CA office and I worked at the IL office. And of course my old boss Rosie from when I worked as a student worker at the Waubonsee. To this day she is still one of my greatest inspirations.

Its not like I have time for friends 4 kids, husband and living quarters, but they few I do I have I cherish and appreciate becasue even if I haven't talked to them in a while, I can always call them and its like time never passed.