Sunday, November 18, 2012

New app

So today I installed the blogger app on my phone.  So I should be able to blog more often then before.

Here is an updated picture of myself. Since I hadn't uploaded one in forever.

I still have 4 kids, still work at the same place. But I am in a way a new person.  I see things in a better light. I know I cannot livee miserabely forever.  So the great change of 2013 is well on its way.  I turned 30 this year and started worring a bit more about myself and looking and purging things in my life that I no longer need and keeping those things I do.

I have learned I am an independent woman that who legally am married but in reality is a single parent and single emotionally.  1st big change that I proably should have dealt with a long time a go.  So the divorce process will be on its way.  Looking for lawyers is not an easy thing making things easy for my kids will in reality not be easy.

But I am in a better place spirtually.  Which is great because without god we are nobody!

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