Wednesday, October 20, 2010

I Heart Being A Latina

I must say I love being a Latina….I love that I can blend flavors to enrich a meal with flavor (sabor). I love that I can speak a second language fluently and of course write and read it. I can pick up a book by a chicano writer and relate to their writing (Robert Rodriguez). I can talk openly about growing up as a first generation Mexican-American with pride that I know know the bond of a family and how a family dynamic works.

Family to Latinos is so important. Even though most Latino parents don’t say the words LOVE they show it in their own ways. They might show you how to ride a bike or take the time to build you a paper kite, that may not even really fly. Having a small get together just doesn’t really happen itS always grand and over the top. Let me mention my son’s birthdays or their baptisms we would have about a hundred people at these events. Talk about hectic, but we loved it.

I love being latina and being able to enjoy traditions that others do not experience especially during the holidays..can we say tamales and buñelos and during Quaresma los nopales en salsa roja, y tortas de camaron that I have finally mastered after about ten years of cooking them.

I can only hope that my children will love it as much as I do

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  1. Thanks for the follow! I love being a latina too! I havent mastered the making of tamales but I've mastered many other things such as empanadas de camaron which are my favorite maybe thats why lol. Thats the things about us latinos that we can teach them a little bit about everything and our roots and and like you said only hope that they it love just as much as we.
    By the way Im Sara, your welcome to pass by my blog whenever you want. =)