Friday, October 8, 2010

Hispanic/Mexican- What are YOU?

The great debate with my husband has been that I am not Mexican enough.

Well what exactly is being Mexican?

Lets start off by saying I am was not born in Mexico. So Technically…if we wish to get technical…I am American. I am a first generation American. I can proudly say that my parents came to this country illegally to better themselves, from Mexico. A poverty sticken country with lots of corruption.

I am not a ghetto Mexican-American but a much more modernized one with great values and traditions that were instilled in her.

More or else I am not a California chicana, as what I think he, my husband, is referring to.

I don’t like to cook, what a Mexican that doesn’t like to cook!@$  Don’t get me wrong I do Love to cook but Mexican (authentic Cusine) takes so much time to cook and prep. and with 4 kids and a husband and a full tiem job who has time???

I can read and write in Spanish better than most people in my family and friends and ummm my husband. So what is being Mexican?

I am in tune with my culture;

I love tamales and thanks to my mother –in – law, who by the way is American born tejana, has showed me how to make them.

I love Mexican Music – old school – Los caminantes, Banda Machos, Antonio Aguilar, Pedro Infante….not the American made Mexican music, Durangense – what is that?

I like the Ranch and the animals

I love Beans (yes Beans... so versatile and tasty)

I love the Virgin Mary of Guadalupe

So once again what is being Mexican!!!

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