Thursday, February 18, 2010


I have decided to actually do the whole blogging thing how many people will read this i truely Don't know. but here we go....

My Day today has been a total disaster...Yesterday I left early from work to go to a teacher conference. Well in my absence the front office had a meeting and announced that my old boss would not be my boss anymore but a different lady would... no problem there...right.

Here is the big one... that someone else (not me) would be the assistant manager to the front office...WHAT!!!!

Since day one back in 04' I have striving to get that postion of office manager. Lately I have felt so out place here it is unbeleiveable. I used to enjoy my job but after this and another incident a few weeks ago... I am so disappointed.

So the question is now Do I continue to work as hard as I used to... or just not care anymore and slack like the rest of the people.

I am pondering that question? and asking my self why i was not choosen... I know I dont always get to work on time and of course I have children which I have to leave at times in times of crisis.

So leads me to another question you strive to have a career and be the best yet you put yourself on a balance because you choose to have children? So should I be a stay at home mom and skip the career since that isn;t quite going where I want it to?

So what know what is my goal at this company now? What do I strive for now? I cant reach that mountain top anymore.

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