Friday, December 10, 2010

Great Movie Giveaway

I have many blogs that I follow and I always enter all these giveaways... I have won many things in the past few months... one of my favorite has been this electric griddle I won at a  A Mom's Balancing Act ... she has some really awesome giveaways right now.   Now especially with the holidays I have been entering giveaways left and right.  Hoping, praying, lighting candles at church..such the see if the saints will be on my side and I will win a few extra things for the kiddos and possibly myself...always buy the kids things and me and grump never give each other presents.

Well I was looking at a few stocking stuffer options and I came a across a few movies that I am going to enter to see if I can win and hopefully get by xmas.

The Mommy Files has a few dvds I would really like to win like "Mother and Child" , and
“VeggieTales: It’s a Meaningful Life”.  that will truely bring in some holiday spirit and help with the pocket book.   She always has great movie reviews and giveaways. So check her site.

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