Friday, December 17, 2010

Possible Goals for Next Year


  • Do 2 5ks
  • Go to the Dentist- (haven't gone cause I dont want to get scolded; fear of the unknown its called; my whole family ie: sisters suffer from this; blame it on overly protective parents)
  • Save for house down payment.
  •  Gett on ADD meds; should help with alot of my disorganization and not being able to concentrate (hence I should really be workign right now)
  • Rediscover myself ;basicly make time for myself.
  • Organize my house!!!!
I think that is a good list to start off with. If so I will add on as time goes and we will look back and chuckle; lets see how many I can keep or achieve, Achievement is so hard for me these days.  Plays with my mind when I dont achieve my metas.

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