Monday, January 3, 2011

The things kids do...or say...

God I love my child A, the ultimate Star War Fan...., with the economy as I have mentioned our lives really changed.  We had to pull our kids out of the Private School , St Peters, that we so dearly loved, there were 100 students in the whole school...great community everyone was like family.

A was definitely effected by this and we told him that as long as his dad found a job we would send him back to the private school next year; meaning next school year.   We the smart and anxious kid that he is, he figured it was going to be next year after xmas break.  So what does my poor baby do.... he packs his desk before leaving for xmas break in December.  When I was organizing the closet I noticed his backpack was a bit too heavy so I inspected and to my surprise all his stuff was in his backpack. I asked, " Did you get homework for xmas break."  He replied without hesitation, "NO!"  I say, "So why is your backpack full of stuff."  He replies; " Remember I am going back to St Peters next year, January 1."

My poor baby i had to break it him that its not til next school year.

I guess sometimes we don't realize how much things truly affect our children and when we promise something we need to stick to our promises.

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  1. Oh the poor guy. I can't even imagine having to break that to him. And he probably said good-bye to his friends and ohhhh! But how awesome that he'll get to go back next year though. We're doing Catholic school for just one more year after this. *gulp*