Tuesday, January 4, 2011

Movies, Movies and More Movies

I love to watch movies, Redbox you should have a reward program cause I would be a priemier member!

Well besides renting movies i defineately like to own movies and wining movies is even better. 
Why you may ask????

Cause they dont burn wholes in my pockets...let's be honest who realy likes to pay $15-$30 for a new movie.   Well I sure don't and with  my brood you better believe I try to get as much free stuff as I possibly can.

So my great movie giveaway finds are the following:

1. Two of a kind working on a full house has a great movie pack giveaway... from the movies featured on Family Movie Nights brought to you by Walmart And P&G which have aired on different networks within the last few months. The prize pack  includes  the past THREE movies"Secrets of The Mountain", "Jenson Project" and "A Walk in My Shoes".

2. The Mommy Files has a great giveaway for a fun family movie "Opposite Day"...who wouldn't want to trade places. but having the kids run the world now that is somethign we all want to see or as kids we really imagined.  So this movie is a must win.... I mean see.

3. Over at Honest & Truly Reviews....  she has a great giveaway Avatar (Blu-Ray)...how awesome is that I must say that i truely enjoyed this movie and now we can win it.

4.  At Almost Crazy Coupon Lady she has a great giveaway for the movie
Going The Distance , its a  Romantic Comedy DVD+BluRay.

So I have truely found a movie for everyone in my family....lets cross our fingers and light a candle to the saints. And hope I win.

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