Wednesday, January 5, 2011

Who Controls You

I wrote this a few weeks back but forgot to post but this is just how I was feeling at the moment...Things are much better now......

What to do when you feel you are being pushed in so many directions....when you feel you don't want to give up on something that you yearn.

What to do when your love ones say hurtful words that may be true to an extent but yet they have not lived through any of this.

What to do when you love someone and all you want them to do is admit thier wrong doing and prove to you what you already know about them; that they can be a great person.

But everyone wants you to leave everything you have worked hard for and call it quits but how do you come to terms with that. 

Also then they throw the dad card around... are you kidding me.

for once in my life stop expecting everything from me.   I was that perfect girl growing up and even then what did that get me.

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