Monday, November 18, 2013

Progress .. but not on the scale

I had felt discouraged since the past few months that scale has not been as nice to me as I would like it too.
I gained a few I am back to 186.

I am not discouraged because I am actually shrinking.

I hadnt taken any comparison pics in awhile So I did and too my surprise I am actually thinner.

This process has not been a speedy one and actually I am liking that it isn't.

I have been able to grow as a person through this.

I have learned to be more and more confident in myself. I have learned to do my makeup along the process. I guess I have learned to accept myself, and LOVE me.... put me first for a change.

I have learned to say NO to people, not beacause I am being a snob... but because I don't have to drop everything for eveyone else.
I am loving this journey of self finding and weightloss...

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