Tuesday, July 26, 2016

LIfe 2016...

Life ....

Where to start I feel horrible about myself and where I am weight wise right now.

212 lbs

I keep telling myself that accept my body as it is right now, but lets be realistic.  I hate it!!!

My losest i was able to get down to was 176 lbs.  and I was very comfortable at that weight my not be the ideal weight for some but I had great muscle mass. 

So what did I do before and how did I do it.   I remenber anger had a lot to do with my initial motivation. 

My husband had cheated on my with a very beautiful THIN woman. I was once thin and beautiful.
 Ive been through some crazy shit the last 2 years.

So now where do I stand....

To start this journey again...

Monday, November 18, 2013

Progress .. but not on the scale

I had felt discouraged since the past few months that scale has not been as nice to me as I would like it too.
I gained a few L.B.S....so I am back to 186.

I am not discouraged because I am actually shrinking.

I hadnt taken any comparison pics in awhile So I did and too my surprise I am actually thinner.

This process has not been a speedy one and actually I am liking that it isn't.

I have been able to grow as a person through this.

I have learned to be more and more confident in myself. I have learned to do my makeup along the process. I guess I have learned to accept myself, and LOVE me.... put me first for a change.

I have learned to say NO to people, not beacause I am being a snob... but because I don't have to drop everything for eveyone else.
I am loving this journey of self finding and weightloss...

Tuesday, October 1, 2013

What a difference....

So today I downloaded an app to make collages and wow what a difference from where I was just a few months ago. I created a before and after face shot.  I still have a ways to go but I am doing great it may not be as fast as I would like.  But every pound lost is a victory. So I am down 25 lbs. 5 more to my next goal.  I am estatic!
Bye bye 208 and hello 183!

Tuesday, August 27, 2013

Pleatu ... over the bump

So after like 3 weeks being stuck at 188~190.  I weighed in at 185. Hip hip horray. God it was rough. Glad I didnt give up just kept on going.

So total weight loss is 23 lbs.

Friday, July 26, 2013


So I have passed by 200lb mark that i felt like i was stuck at forever and am in the 190's
officially as of yesterday I was 190...

I have been back at the gym working at it and i have started incorporating strength training and lots of core exercises.  I am seeing great progress.

So from May to today July  .... I have lost drum roll please........ 18 lbs....

So  I am 190... just 40 more to go.

I can so do this.... there may be bumps in the road and hurdles on the track but I shall overcome them.

Progress pics Front View

May 2013....................July 2013...........

Progress Side View.. Very Impressive!!!!!

May 2013                 July 2013       

I got the fire lit...Love Bani                          

Thursday, June 13, 2013

Sung 14

This is a VICTORY.

A few weeks ago I tried on the same shorts and i could not get them past my hips.  
Today i was able to fit in them a little snug but comfortable.   Its those little things that keep me going.

Even though I have not seen the scale move past 200.  I really want to reach my first goal of 199... to be under 200.

But I will take this win!

My plan is to try and go twice a day to the gym in the am and the pm. Or at least make it once a day for 45 min.   I missed a few days lately.   Lots of stress in life.

Also my water intake has not been the greatest need to get back on track of my water.   A GALLON a day.


Thursday, June 6, 2013

Getting moving....

So this morning was not my best morning... I got up like any other morning...

Alarm goes off at 4:15am.... but i finally really wake up at 5ish.

I just could not get out the door.   When I finally did it was really late. 6:30 am.

I only worked out for 45 min.  and it was mostly lifting.  :(  No real cardio today.

Stress level in my life is at a 20 on a scale from 1-10..which is making me quite BLUE.

So I feel like i didnt do enough... on the bright side at least I made it in. 

But I feel GUILTY for not working out hard.   and I had a McFlurry last night.  more GUILTY feeling coming over.

Goal is to go for a Run after work